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    Miolea Organic Farm
    Ecologically sensitive, small certified organic farm growing: organic heritage poultry, berries and native fruits, vegetables, herbs etc... GAP Certified

    Free Range Organic eggs from our Rhode Island Red hens available year round. Our hens and broilers are kept on certified organic soil and grasses and fed certified organic feed.

    We also offer intimate (3-4 person) Italian cooking classes in the spring and summer. Beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons are offered. Write us to receive class overviews and requirements.

    Certified Organic French, and Italian breads, jams, preserves on sale seasonally.

    Certified Organic Fertilizer (5-3-4) for the home gardener. $2.00/lb.

    CORN GLUTEN - Certified Organic-Non-GMO. Great for lawns and as a weed supressant. $2.50/lb. 20 lbs covers 1,000 sq.ft.

    Contacts: Brian Biggins
    Store/Farm Address:
    Miolea Organic Farm
    Adamstown, MD

    Phone: 301-466-2151

    Directions: Call

    Hours: Weekday by appointment; Sat and Sun. 9-3 during the summer

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