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This site sponsored by the Frederick County Office of Economic Development

    Buy Local Challenge
    The Maryland “Buy Local Challenge” week is set for July 23rd through July 31st. The Frederick County Office of Economic Development encourages citizens of Frederick County and Maryland to take the “Buy Local Challenge.” To participate, citizens would need to pledge to eat at least one product from a local farm every day during the “Buy Local Challenge” week.

    WHO? We encourage EVERY FAMILY in Maryland to take the “Buy Local Challenge”

    WHAT? The “Buy Local Challenge” is a voluntary pledge to include locally grown products in your meals for one week (produce, eggs, meat, fruit, etc..)

    WHERE? Stock up at your local farms, farm stands and farmers’ markets that offer genuine local products, and dine at restaurants featuring local farm food and wine!

    WHY? We’re sure that when you get a taste of fresh, delicious, farm-grown products, you’ll want to buy from your local farmers ALL YEAR!

    HOW? You can find directories of farms and markets at or pick up a 2011 Frederick Farm Guide at the tourism office, Office of Economic Development or visit the website below to have one mailed to you or you can download the guide from there as well.

    Contacts: Colby Ferguson

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